Lea Hawkins

Therapy Aide

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Lea Hawkins

Lea is a proud Idaho native, born and raised in Meridian. She had a humble beginning at IPTC as an intern trying to figure out what in the world she wanted to do after high school. She was eventually asked to come on board as a part-time therapy aide, and her time at IPTC has inspired her to pursue a career in occupational therapy. Eventually, she hopes to obtain her master's degree in occupational therapy, but for now she attends Boise State University as an undergraduate, majoring in kinesiology and minoring in psychology.

When not working at the clinic or studying, her life is dedicated to her mischievous american paint horse, Pebbles, out of trouble. You can also find her strumming her ukulele while singing completely off key.


Lea was a part of a bareback and bridleless rodeo drill team for several years which meant she hardly had anything to hold onto when her mighty steed would choose to take impromptu joy rides during performances.