Summer Activity Ideas from an Occupational Therapist

Summer is here and many kids are excited for a break from the school schedule. Without the regular routine of school, summer days can get long and it can feel strenuous to keep kids busy. Many of us have heard the phrase “kids thrive on routine” and have seen first hand how true this can be. A list of occupational therapy activities are provided below to keep kids engaged, happy, and ready for the school year next year or in the short term, ready for a good night’s sleep! Continue reading “Summer Activity Ideas from an Occupational Therapist”

Screen Time: A Therapist’s Perspective

Greetings friends and families! Spring is upon us and it’s a great time to start a new activity. How about a 1 week challenge? Screen Free Week is April 29th-May 5th and to encourage participation in this challenge we are asking you to give us your goals/plans for reducing screen time! Please email us at or post a comment on our Facebook page with your ideas on how to reduce screen time in your home. Anyone who contributes will have their name entered into a drawing for prizes!

In our blog this month, our Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists have provided important reasons, based on their individual expertise, to consider this challenge! Please keep reading below… Continue reading “Screen Time: A Therapist’s Perspective”

Insurance Questions Answered

Written by Jennifer Longoria | Billing Specialist

New year means many things, but, in the world of insurances, it means insurance benefits start over.  Most insurances run on what is called a calendar year.  That means the benefit period is from January to December. Sometimes insurances run on a fiscal year, which renews in the middle of the year and not on January. To determine when your health insurance plan renews, you can call the member number on the back of your health insurance card. Continue reading “Insurance Questions Answered”

Surviving Thanksgiving with a Picky Eater

Idaho Pediatrics

Written by Marla Ambrose | M.S. & CCC-SLP

Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday or at least one of my favorite holidays! Getting together with the people you love most and eating delicious food is a wonderful thing! However, for some families with picky eaters or problem feeders, Thanksgiving can be a dreaded day. In hopes of making your Thanksgiving a pleasant one, I have compiled a few of my go-to tips and tricks for making the holidays a little easier for you and your picky eater at mealtime:

Minimize changes in your child’s eating schedule
During holiday breaks, it is easy to let our routines shift. Continue reading “Surviving Thanksgiving with a Picky Eater”

National Physical Therapy Month

Idaho Pediatrics

Happy National Physical Therapy Month! -Brianna Albrecht, DPT

Hello IPTC Families! Hope this finds you settling into your school routines and enjoying the fall season. October is always one of my favorite months because it means changing leaves, cooler weather, and National Physical Therapy Month. Throughout the month, physical therapists have the opportunity to educate the community about the benefits of physical therapy. For the first monthly blog on our NEW website, I thought it would be fitting to talk about the many benefits of physical therapy. Continue reading “National Physical Therapy Month”


Idaho Pediatrics
Ten years ago, this month, Idaho Pediatric Therapy Clinic (IPTC) began with one provider, in one room, housed inside Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy. In the last decade, IPTC has grown in both space and staff, but our core motto has always remained the same:  A Child’s Job Is To Play! Play is a basic form of learning for all children, regardless of their varied abilities.

Continue reading “PLAY!”