Welcome to our New Website!

Idaho Pediatrics

Welcome, everyone, to our new website! It was long overdue project to create a website that truly reflects Idaho Pediatric Therapy Clinic and its staff. On the website you will find pictures and introductions to each of our physical, occupational, and speech/language therapy staff members, along with a little interesting fact you may not know about your therapist! You will also find information regarding each therapy service, which we hope may answer any questions you may have about your child’s need for evaluation by one of our skilled clinicians. Also, on the website, we have included access to all new patient paperwork as well as links to other resources and organizations in the community that be of benefit to you and your family. The blog will also be updated on a consistent basis to give everyone an update on any new happenings here at the clinic, or provide an opportunity for us to communicate any new research and knowledge we feel should be shared. As always, if the resources on our website do not completely answer any questions you have, please contact us!

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