How to Pay off My Phone Contract Ee

If you`re looking to pay off your phone contract with EE, you`re in luck! There are several ways to do this and get your smartphone unlocked for use on another network or sell it to someone else.

Here are the steps you need to follow to pay off your EE phone contract:

Step 1: Check your contract end date and settlement figure

First, you need to know your contract`s end date and the settlement figure. The end date of your plan is listed on your monthly bill, and you can also find it on your My EE app or online account. The settlement figure is the total amount you need to pay to end your contract early.

To get your EE contract`s settlement figure, you can call EE`s customer service team, visit an EE store, or check it on your online account. Keep in mind that the early termination fee may apply if you end your contract before its end date.

Step 2: Choose your payment method

Once you know your settlement figure, you can choose a payment method. Here are some options available for paying off your EE phone contract:

– Pay in full: You can pay the settlement figure in one go by using your debit or credit card, bank transfer, or cash at an EE store.

– Split payment: EE also allows you to split the cost of settlement figures into monthly payments, which will be added to your monthly bill. However, there may be an additional fee for using this option.

– Swapping to SIM-only: If you`re happy with your handset and want to stick with EE, you can switch to a SIM-only plan to reduce your monthly payments.

Step 3: Contact EE

To make a payment, you can either call EE`s customer service team on 150 from your EE phone or 0800 956 6000 from any phone. You can also visit an EE store or make a payment on their online account.

When contacting EE, you need to provide your EE account details and confirm your settlement figure. If you`re making a payment by phone or online, you need to have your payment details ready.

Step 4: Wait for confirmation

After making the payment, you need to wait for EE to confirm that your contract has been paid off. This may take several days, so be patient. Once the payment has been processed, your phone will be unlocked, and you can use it on any network or sell it to someone else.

In conclusion, paying off your phone contract with EE is a straightforward process. By following these steps, you can free yourself from any contract obligations and enjoy the freedom of using the phone as you please. Always remember to check the terms and conditions of your contract and the fees for early termination to avoid any surprise charges.